Monday, October 11, 2010

Moving into Fall

Over the past few weeks, I've been showing a lot of prints.  The submissions for the August "Scapes" show and the September show, both at the  juried Art League Gallery in Old Town Alexandria, were monotypes.  The Sept. show was juried by F. Lenny Campanello, who called my Landscape painting in the 2009 Artomatic, "best landscapes."  The monotypes are, of course (!), landscapes.  The smaller prints (5 x 7) are made with a wonderfully fluid soy based ink that has a deep, rich black.  I've created larger works (7 1/2 x 9 1/2), working in the Discover Graphics studio.  I used a sheer coat of graphite ink and then "paint" in the image with a deep black. It give me layers to carve out a image.  And easy to add texture.  I hope to have some good images soon.  The ones at the Art League Gallery's Flicker site are through glass. 

The image that got into the Washington Printmakers National show, and the August "Scapes" are currently at Kelley's Art and Frame, No. Washington St., Alexandria, until late next week.  

I've been working, in oil, outdoors with Bobbie Pratte.  It's so nice to be outside in lovely cool weather.  Sooooooo many less bugs to content with.

Friday, July 16, 2010


I know it's still July, but it's been so hot, it felt like August in June!  
I'm off to Indiana for a plein aire painting week.  Good fellow painters, good food, pleasant lodging, what more can a painter ask for?

I will also be entering work in several other shows, details when I have good news.  Stay cool! 

Busy Summer

May, June and July have gone by swiftly.  Paining at Carderock, and Solomon Island did not produce much.  But they are area I want to explore.  Had work in the Art League Gallery show in June, as well as at Kelley's A&F.  But July had been spent getting ready for several shows.

Washington Studio School Alumni Show.
I got 2 small pieces into this juried show that runs from July 7th through August 22nd.  Check out the work, and check out the school.  While I've been painting since high school, WSS is were it really came together.  If you really want to learn to draw and paint, this is the place to be.  Great spaces too.  The works are shown in the Widget below, Sun at Fletcher's (plein aire, 8x10) and Hunting Creek Trees (9-12).

Washington Printmaker's Gallery, National Small Works
Just on the off chance, I submitted work for this show and I got in!  And then I found out that only 50 works had been selected out of about 400 works submitted, whoa!  The work is a monotype, 5x7, I made in the Spring.  It's called Hunting Creek, but it's an image I have not completed before.  I liked the way it came out.

I've been so pleased with this set of prints, that I'm taking a workshop with Penny Barringer, of Discover Graphics, for a few weeks.  Different ink and paper so it's been hit & miss so far, but I finally got 2 good images.  But I think I will keep at it for a while as I love the graphic black on soft white images.  And all those ghost to play with!

Orchard Gallery, Bethesda, MD,  Juried Show
 I got a piece selected for this great little gallery in the heart of Bethesda.  A 12x16 version of Autumn Trees that was seen at Artomatic.  The image is also in the Widget below.  I'm so glad I am able to show my work in a whole new area of Metro DC.  The show runs through the whole month of August, and the Gallery is open every evening until 8:00 PM.  There are some interesting restaurants in the area too. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April has been May with all the flowers.

I've been out in the garden most of this month.  Planting seeds and blubs.  Hopefully we will have enough rain to make it worthwhile.  Once that's done I'll be concentrating on painting outdoors as much as possible.

I'm so pleased that the first time I submit a monotype to the Art League Galley show, it was accepted.  And thrilled that the Juror was Jack Boule, Mr. Monotype himself!  I don't have a image to show, but you can check out the Leagues Gallery Blog.  They usually have a Widget with the shows images.  It a 5x7 inch, Black on White image of part of the C & O Canal up near Great Falls.  I, of course, also have a small oil in the Bin Gallery, Twilight, from the Hunting Creek series.  It has a sky that seem unreal, but I've acturally seen something similar.  My area of Virgina gets some amazing sunsets. 

I put two pieces in Kelley's Art & Frame Gallery April show.  This closes on the 22nd.  As I'm working on another project, I don't think I'll be able to enter the May show. 

April is also the birth month of my Mother, Sister, and Nephew.  Happy B-day all!

Friday, March 12, 2010

March means Spring is almost here!  Planting time!!
Two works, both from the Hunting Creek series, on show at Kelley's Art and Framing, see location below.  Another show has one work from the C & O Canal series, at the Bin Gallery in the Art Leagues Gallery.  This small painting was the beginning of the whole series.  I created it "plein aire" at Fletcher's Boathouse area of the Canal.  The site is on the Potomac by the boat rental area.  I saw the sunlight hitting this small island of bushes through a group of trees.  There is an image on Widget below, Sun at Fletchers.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feb. 2010 Showings

I have 3 works in a Landscape show at Kelly's Art & Frame.  It's located on No. Washington St., Old Town Alexandria.  I'm showing Canal Boats, 18x18.  Which is from the C & O Canal series at Fetcher's.  An image is below on the left.  Two smaller pieces, 12x16, Up Hunting Creek, and Autumn Trees.  These are from the area South of Old Town in and around the Hunting Creek.  I hope to put work in Kelly's shows on a regular basis.  So if you don't see a work in the Art League's Bin Gallery, check out Kelly's.

New Work for January 2010

Sorry, the image is bad, as the paper needs to be flattened.  This is on gessoed paper, Acrylic, with graphit and watercolor crayon.  The size is 15x18 1/2, to be framed without a mat.  I've called it Riverview, mainly because it's not a place I know.  Although it seems to have elements of other paintings and images I've made.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beacon Hill sunset in Art League Gallery show

Beacon Hill is in the January 2010 show at the Art League Gallery.