Saturday, November 26, 2016

My only excuse...

Is that I have been painting.

I've been out weekly, painting with one or more Plein Air groups in Northeast Florida.  We have so many great days to paint outdoors that I have been trying to take advantage as much as I can.  But not as often as I'd like.  My painting is a slow process, which is not how most plein air painters work.  So it's still try and error sort of thing.  I have no compunction about wiping out a days painting if the results do not appear worthwhile.  But that's alright, as I'm still in the "learning" stage of plein air.  I've had a few successes, and I believe that finishing up painting in the studio, is the only way I can achieve what I fell is a decent painting.  I'm now at a point where some workshops with experienced outdoor painters would help.  These will be mostly local workshops here in Florida.  It's the this landscape that I'm interested in learning and want to use.   

I've been showing work not only with the St Augustine Art Association, but with the First Coast Plein Air Painters, and the Flagler County Plein Air painters.