Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring is wonderful!

It's cool and delicious.  The evenings are magic, and the days need to be bottled for a tonic.  Even the cloudy days are short lived and usually end with a lovely afternoon.

It was fabulous to be out painting.  I attended the annual convention of the Oil Painters of America, here in StA.  The artists were enthralled with the beauty and variety of our town and area.  We even had a whole day at Washington Oaks Park, in Flagler County.  Then we came back for a reception at the Art Association with a show of their permanent collection.  After Friday's painting trip, all the finished work went to Gallery del Mar.  We went to the Brilliance in Color gallery for the 1st Friday opening and awards ceremony for the annual exhibit.  Those paintings are available to see until the end of May, while the plein aire works went home with the buyers or artists.  It was great to meet so many wonderful painters who were generous with their time and advise. 

And I'm back in the studio refreshed and alive with so many ideas and projects.  Here is the beginning of a painting of a magical little corner I found at the end of Oneida Street.  I've blocked in the warms and darks. This spot had such wonderful views.  I will be back for other pictures.