Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A year without making art

Talk about a bad itch!  I can't even look at art, it hurts so bad.  But after 60+ years of living, I know this wasted time will seem like nothing soon.  Even though an artist is not working, they are thinking about work. They are always creating in their head and heart.  

A new direction.  In January I will start slowly, going back to my basics.  My drawing.  Like my life, it will be a transition.     

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ahhh....I've been neglecting this blog a bit...

Many things are changing in my life.  And art is not the priority at this time.  But it will soon be, and at the top of the "list." 
I've done a lot of monotype work lately, and continue to show it at the Art Leagues' Gallery as well as in their Bin Gallery.  Unfortunately I forget to photograph it before I frame it, and it never looks decent with a reflection across the front.  One can check out the Art Leagues Flicker site for the latest show.  My current piece is another C & O Canal view.  I can't seem to get the place out of my head!