Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall is just starting to show up in Northeast Florida.  

The nights are in the seventies and sometimes sixty degrees.  The sun is still strong and you can get a burn standing in one spot for too long.  No matter what they say the daytime temperature will be, it's still hot in the afternoon, thanks to the big yellow ball up there.  And for some weird reason it's warmer when it rains.

The St. Augustine Art Association will close for two months or more to finish up the construction work on the new tactile garden.  This just after the Tactile show closes.  For those not familiar with StA, the Florida Deaf and Blind School is a large part of this small city.  One of the projects of the 450th Anniversary of the founding of StA, is to have all historic and meaningful sites open to all.  So every statute, building or area of significance will have an updated plate with Braille as well as English text.  I'm not sure if other languages are include, but I'm sure of the English and Braille.

At the last show exhibition show of the StAAA, I included one of my larger monotypes.  It was of trees in Indiana.  There were so few trees, because every inch of land was used to plant the "industrial" corn they make a living from.  Those few and usually far apart trees are massive in height and width.  I found one spot where there was 6 to 8 trees in various shapes, sizes and health.  Some near, and massive, and some far, but still taking over the sky around it.  I call them statues.  Tall, silent, each with it's own personality and shape.  The print I showed was a tribute to their strength and longevity. 

Sorry, too much chatting and not enough art work!

This print is 6 3/4 x 8 3/4 inches.