Friday, June 22, 2012

Artomatic is coming to a close. It’s been a resounding
success with so many visitors, who came to see the art, or hear the music, or watch a performance, or film, and stayed to enjoy the other offerings.

In some way I really pity New York, LA, London or anywhere else that does not have a community of artists who can pull off this gargantuan event, consistently, with an all-volunteer ensemble. Artists are so very skillful, ingenious, and resourceful people. Just think of what could be possible if AOM had a solid financial base!
 By artists, for everyone.
I am so amazed with all the excellent feedback and comments I have received. That so many of them are from fellow artists, has truly made all the years of work to get to this point valuable to me. All the work I have sold has been to artists. That’s both wonderful and downright scary!

Oh I’m going to have to work soooo much harder! I have to go back to scratch and translate the sense and atmosphere I’m able to get manipulating one color, black, with more color. I’m talking oil paint here, so much easier to work with. But I do love ink and can never move to far away from it. And to do this all with Florida sunshine. Oh, this will be a fun challenge!
Special thanks to
Lenny Campello, Daily Campello Art News and
John Anderson, City Paper ArtsDesk blog.

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